About COWE

Confederation of Women Entrepreneurs (COWE) India is an ISO 9001:2015 & NABET Gold Certified Not-for-Profit Organisation which provides a women entrepreneur a facilitative culture through Training, Counselling, Knowledge Sharing and Handholding throughout their project. COWE India through their advocacy works with Government and other Industrial Associations in bringing changes at the macro policy level. COWE India provides an ecosystem for Women Entrepreneurs to empower them.

Its Vision is “To be a national association of women business owners that propels Women Entrepreneurs into economic, social and political spheres of power”.

Cowe All india virtual mart

Cowe All india virtual mart

All India Virtual Cowe Mart

70 days of unlimited opportunity and unique one-click shopping experience
From 5th Nov ’20 to 15th Jan ’21.

Make your winters as bright and colorful as your festivals, this season!

Cowe Mart Stalls

1-Premium stalls For Cowe Members
Rs. 8,000+GST , with 45 product images and stall allocation to be prior to general category stalls.

2-Premium stalls For Non-Cowe Members Rs. 10,000+GST , with 45 product images and stall allocation to be prior to general category stalls.

3-Basic stalls For Cowe Members Rs.5000+GST with 30 images.

4-Basic stalls For Non-Cowe Members Rs.7000+GST with 30 images .

Contact Support

Email: cowemart@gmail.com

Phone: 9392716698(Shanti)

Phone: 9100033098(Smriti)

Inauguration Ceremony On Thursday 5th November 2020 at 1 pm.


COWE Mart’s only role is to provide a platform to connect buyers and sellers online. It holds no authority on the conduct of any vendor or buyer and cannot be held responsible for non-completion of any transaction, failure of delivery or payment, fraud or any other matter whatsoever.